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Happy New Year!


Unit 2

Exploring Fiction

Goals for Students (Writing):

1.  Plan, develop, and edit a first draft for an intended audience

2. Revise the draft in response to peer and teacher feedback

3. Write a story that keeps readers interested, includes a story line, creates a believeable setting and characters and uses a range of literary devices. 

4. Use correct grammar, including transitional phrases, commas, capitalization and puncutation. 

5. Ask literal, interpretive, evaluative and universal questions. 

6. Summarize, paraphrase, make connections between and respond to texts. 

Goals for Students (Reading)

1. Grow knowledge and understanding of words based on prefixes and root words

2. Use context to find answers

3. Describe multiple themes in a work of fiction

4. Describe conventions in myths and fairy tales

5. Continue analyzing how place and time influence a work

6. Analyze how setting affects plot

7. Analyze plot development

8. Determine figurative meaning of phrases

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