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Writing Remind Code: @4332fb       Reading Remind Code: @h2kk89

Unit 1

Nonfiction and Poetry

Goals for Students (Writing):

1.  Plan a draft with a thesis

2. Develop a draft using organizational strategies

3. Be able to write and revise using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar

4. Begin using literary devices in my writing. 

5. Ask literal, interpretive, evaluative and universal questions. 

6. Summarize, paraphrase, make connections between and respond to texts. 

Goals for Students (Reading)

1. Determine the meaning of grade level words associated with the unit

2. Use context to find meaning

3. Analyze how place, time and graphical elements influence the theme of a work

4. Idenfitfy, analyze and be able to use literary devices and figurative language.

5. Describe the differences between a biography/diary and a fictional adaptation of it. 


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Conference Time 10:45-11:45 on A Days—If you need a conference with me any time after 11:45 please email me. 

Room 251 (A&M Hallway)