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Unit 3

Understanding Informational Texts

Goals for Students (Writing):

1.  Plan, develop, and edit a first draft for an intended audience (with a focus on expository)

2. Revise the draft in response to peer and teacher feedback

3. Present strong, effective introduction and conclusion paragraphs

4. Use correct grammar, including transitional phrases, commas, capitalization and puncutation. 

5. Create a strong, controlling central idea (thesis). 

6. Use prepositional phrases and complex sentences.


Goals for Students (Reading)

1. Grow knowledge and understanding of words based on prefixes and root words

2. Use context to find answers

3. Identify and be able to use analogies

4. Determine the difference between facts and opinions in a work of writing

5. Make connections across texts

6. Evaluate how different forms of media influence a work

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Conference Time 10:45-11:45 on A Days—If you need a conference with me any time after 11:45 please email me. 

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