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Patricia Porras

AB Unit Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated in 1977 from Riverside High School in El Paso, TX. I completed my course studies 2 years prior but stayed in school to be able to complete my 4-year drill team activities. I worked 6 days a week in the afternoons at a medical & dental facility where I acquired my work experience for a future medical career . I enjoyed the surgical experience I acquired with my teammates and my high school drill-team experience. While in high school, I began my college course work with speciaal permissions from my principal and district. I would attend my extra-curricular school activities in the morning, then go off to work at 12:00 p.m., and continue with my college courses after work at night. I suppose you could say I’m a multi-tasker at hand.

I attended a ttraditional college and university back in El Paso (UTEP) for years. Then, transferred to a business-like university, University of Phoenix, where I completed my business and teaching degrees. As I continued my education at night, I simultaneously worked in the educational & medical fields in my full day's schedule. I value both the business and educational work fields. I feel I’ve been very blessed and given several opportunities to excel in several areas that pertain to assisting individuals, problem solving, and in the communication field. 


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Accounting

Master's in Special Education/Diagnostician

Current Position:

 I reside in Orange and I am excited to be here. I've been teaching here at Mauriceville Middle School for the past 4 years. I have been given the opportunity to work, learn, implement, and teach with some of the best individuals in my lifetime. These people are all my colleagues and administrative leaders who have given of themselves to guide and assist me throughout my careers. Therefore, as our students begin a new day or a new school I will extend a laurel leaf to them to add to their educational success. I look forward to meeting and visiting with all of our students and parents evefry school year.

I will be teaching several classes which include English Language Arts/ Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies in the AB unit. I enjoyand look forward to teaching a variety of classes to many different students and treasure their success as we find their niche which helps them become successful in their education.

I have coached Cross-Country,Track, Vollyball, Soccer, Cheerleading, and Drill teams in the past.

Previous Position:

I began teaching back in El Paso 20 years ago at private and public school sectors. My previous work experiences in the medical and dental fields have enabled me to be observant of different things individuals do and why they act in a particular way when interacting with others. 

Family Information:

I am not married at this time but do have a fiance here in Orange, TX. I have 3 children & 4 grandchildren. I was married for many years before coming to Orange. I am now enjoying my time here teaching at Mauriceville. And beginning a new stage in my life with Ray, he's a wonderful supportive man that "gets me". We do not have any pets at this time since we're constantly on the go. Yes we're both somewhat hyper at times and that's a good thing. I love the energy between us and our friends and families. My oldest daughter, Leah, will soon graduate from electrical engineering. My second child, Lori, will possibly graduate by this year as a physical therapist and enter the military air force as a family with the 2 babies and her husband. And my wonderful son, Gil, has completed his Journeyman electrician licensing for Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona. He has 2 beautiful baby girls and a very energetic wife.

Personal Information:

My hobbies relate to dry-brushing and working with stain-glass materials. I love to learn and create arts & craft items. I love to go horseback riding, racing, and the movies. I so enjoy cooking all sorts of dishes and learning about new places and foods. I love new experiences and meeting new people. 

Patricia Patsy Porras

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