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Stephanie Blackburn

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Panther Honor Code

As members of the Panther Community, whether as students, faculty or staff, we aspire to equity and excellence for all.  Panther PRIDE is Positive, Respectful, showing Integrity, Dependable and Engaged. 

Be the change! Panther PRIDE!




This school year your child will be receiving reading intervention in my classroom like the majority of the students are this year. This intervention helps the students break down specific content that they are being taught and may be having trouble with in their ELAR class. 

Small group instruction is neccessary to help students achieve the learning goals specific to their needs. Due to the small group instruction that takes place in class, my expectations for positive and respectful behavior in the classroom is high, and I truly appreciate your help with this! 

Stephanie Blackburn

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Don’t forget: Your Read-n-Quiz points are due at the end of each 6 weeks. You will receive two daily grades for this.

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