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Science Assignments

Manned Space Exploration:

The following videos are of real Astronauts doing real Astronaut things! My students last year really enjoyed these videos!! Watch them all, if you can!

  1. ISS Capt Chris H: ISS Myths Debunked →
  2. Brushing Teeth in Space →
  3. Washing Hair in Space →
  4. Water in Space →
  5. Restroom in Space →
  6. 20 Questions with Reid Wiseman →

49 Videos about Life on the ISS (International Space Station) →

NASA at HOME (tons of Information) → 


Earth’s Atmosphere:

Layers of the Atmosphere →

Science Rock – Characteristics of the Solar System →

Story Bots Review →


Watersheds and Environmental Changes:

Watersheds Intro Video →

Watersheds Video #2 →

Watershed Song – You’ll “love” this... LOL! →

Short and Long Term Environmental Changes →


Weathering, Erosion and Deposition:

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Intro →

W, E, D Crash Course Kids →

Time Lapse of a River Bed (We would have done a lab to model this exact process, watch it a few times, look for the W, E, D) →

Time Lapse of W, E, D in different location on Earth, Neat Video!! (In the video {1:40} shows a glacier moving – I mentioned this in class) →

BEST VIDEO – Try slowing down the video – 30 year time lapse from Space telescopes of different areas on Earth...BE sure to notice at the time of {1:04} how the river meanders and changes over 30 years →


Catastrophic Events: 

National Geographic Kids (Use the orange “search” bar to search for the different types of catastrophic events. EX. tornado, flood, tsunami) →

Severe Weather Crash Course Kids →

Dr. Bionics – Natural Disasters Compilation →

Weather Watch on Scholastic →


Ecological Succession: 

Mount Saint Helen’s Video →

Ecological Succession from Ameba Sisters →



“What is Biodiversity” Video from class →

Neat Video – shows all the species that crossed a long over a year! →



Interactive #1 →  

Video #2 →

Activity #3 Biome Viewer →