Frequently Asked Questions
What if my child is absent?

Call and leave a message with the attendance clerk at 745-3970.

Send a parent or doctor note the next day with your child to excuse the absence.

Remind your child to turn note in to office before school to avoid being called out of class.


If my child only misses part of the day, do I need to send a parent or doctor note?

Yes, attendance is taken in every class, so students must have a note to excuse absences in any classes missed.

What time may my child be dropped off at school?

School personnel is not required to be at school until 7:30 AM.  Students should not arrive at school before that time.

What time does school begin?

The first tardy bell rings at 8:15.

What time does school end?

The day ends at 3:45.

What time is lunch?

A Lunch is at 12-12:30

B Lunch 12:30-1:00

When are tutorials?

All teachers offer tutorial times.  Please contact your child's teacher to find out his/her tutorial days and times.

May my child have a cell phone?

Cell phones must be turned off during the school day unless a teacher gives permission for it to be used during a class assignment. Phones turned on during the day without permission may be taken up from the student.



What STAAR Tests will my child take this year?

6th grade----- Reading and Math

7th Grade---- Reading,Writing, and Math

8th Grade----- Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies


My child says he/she has an academic tutorial at lunch. What is this?

Part of our goal at MMS is to ensure student success by eliminating failures related to work not turned in or work turned in incomplete.

Academic tutorials are not a discipline write up and do not go on your child's discipline record.

When students have not finished assignments, have turned in incomplete assignments, or missed assignments due to absences, then teachers may assign an academic tutorial to give the student additional time to complete the work.

Academic tutorials are during the student's lunch period, and students eat lunch while working.

How is my child's average calculated?

The following formulas will be used in determining the six week average:


* Grade 6 Major grades 50% of average Daily grades 50% of average

* Electives 6-8 Major grades 50% of average Daily grades 50% of average

* Grades 7-8 Major grades 60% of average Daily grades 40% of average

My child would like to join the MMS Student Council. How can he/she join?

The MMS Student Council is composed of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who promote the general welfare of our school.

If a student wishes to be a member of the council, the student needs to sign up during the open enrollment period held at the beginning of the school year. Members are required to earn points by attending meetings, serving on committees, helping with student council sponsored events and various other activities as determined by the sponsor. Point values for activities are determined by the sponsor.

Do teachers keep record of tardies?

A student who is not seated in class when the tardy bell rings is tardy and shall be assigned to campus detention class beginning with the third occurrence. Students are tardy if they are not seated in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings. Teachers will record tardies. Three tardies will result in one morning of detention. On the fourth and fifth tardy, a student will receive additional detention assignments.

My child has medication that he/she needs to take at a time that is during the school day. What do we need to do?

All medication must be turned in to the office or nurse and a form completed by parent.  Students may not keep medication with them unless permission from doctor requires it to be with the student such as an inhaler.

All prescription medications must be in original container with child's name and directions printed on from the doctor/pharmacy.

Over the counter medicine must be in original container with directions on the container.

For other issues involving medications, please refer to the MMS student handbook for complete medication procedures and/or contact Mrs. Worthy our school nurse.