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Panther Cheer


Spring/Summer Practice Dates:  

April 7th:  4-5:30 PM

April 12th:  4-5:30 PM

April 14th:  4-5:30 PM

April 19th:  4-5:30 PM

April 21st:  4-6:00 PM

April 26th:  4-5:30 PM

April 28th:  4-5:30 PM

May 2nd:  4-5:30 PM

May 3rd: 4-5:30 PM

June 8,9,10,13,14,15:  12-3 PM

Leave for camp June 18 return June 20th---parents are responsible for getting cheerleaders/mascots to camp and also picking them up from camp.  Camp is held at the Houston CityPlace Marriot at Springwoods Village.  



Required Dates (Subject to Change)

Required Dates Updated 3/25/2022


  1. 4/19---First Cheer Payment due (balances will be sent to you prior to this date after fittings are finalized)
  2. 4/21----Cheer A Thon pledges due by practice @ 4:00 PM
  3. 4/22---All candy money due today
  4. 4/29----All Cheer-a-Thon Money due today
  5. 4/30-----Working color booth at LCM Education Foundation Color Run
  6. 5/6 Cheer dance---@ MMS 4-7PM  You will be signing up for what to bring and all cheerleaders/mascots must work the dance
  7. 5/7---Crawfish Festival Parade….we will be walking in the parade
  8. 5/17---Final Cheer Payment due
  9. 6/8-10 and 6/13-15---Pre-camp @ MMS 12-3 PM
  10. 6/18-6/20---Cheer camp at the Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods Village.  Details will be coming to you.
  11.  December 1-3---Volunteer Commitments----Please keep these dates open for commitments to Berry Merry Christmas Market, Christmas Parade, and Mauriceville Christmas Tree Lighting


Fall practices will be scheduled when we have a school master schedule and football schedule.  For information purposes possible practice times could be:  7:00 AM in mornings, during school, and/or after school.  I will not know what is available until scheduling is completed in the summer. 



Congratulations to the 2022-2023 MMS Cheerleaders and Mascots

Maliah Askari

Sarah Barnes

Baylee Bonnin

Ryleigh Bourgeois

Aadi Day

Kymber Dougherty

Addyson Farwell

Laneigh Mann

Ashlynn Mobbs

Kira Moody

Laney Reynolds

Brooklynn Roberts

Olivia Scheiderer

Madison Scott

Averie Vice



Zelda Cowan

Kaylan Moore