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Mauriceville Middle School

Health Services

Hannah LeBlanc, RN




Please make sure your student has received their Tdap and MCV vaccanations. Their shot record should be current, and up to date before the first day of school! You can turn them in at “Meet the Teacher” or any day before then.



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Prescription Medication: If your student needs to receive any prescription medication while at school, this form needs to be filled out and signed by a parent and physician. The medication will be kept locked up in the nurse’s clinic. No medication can be kept on the student while at school.

Prescription Medication Form


Asthma Action Plan:If your student has been diagnosed with asthma, this action plan must be filled out and signed by a parent and physician so we have a plan of action to be able to take care of the student. If the student has an inhaler, we need the inhaler information filled out on the action plan. Students are allowed to carry inhalers on them if the medication form states that the student is capable of self administration and signed by the physician.  Students are welcome to leave an inhaler locked up in the nurse’s clinic, or on the student if signed off by the physician.

Asthma Action Plan


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