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Security Home Course Access

Security Home Course Access Information


As you may know, the Texas Legislature is currently discussing creation of a "cybersecurity bill" to assist K12 schools in providing safe, secure, electronic resources to protect our students, faculty, and staff.  As a District, we will be required to develop information security plans, participate in annual training, and other activities that will come up once the bill has passed and more information is available.  


We have been working on improving our information security for some time, and recently added annual security training.  This is also being done in many other schools in Texas.  While we have the training available for our teachers and staff, I would also like to share the web link for the home course.  You can share this with your family members to increase their information security awareness as well.  This is similar to the annual training we enrolled in this year.  These are great resources in today's society to keep security and protecting personal information on our minds. 

Here is the URL for the Home Course. The password is: homecourse

Home Course | KnowBe4