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Panther Boy's Athletics




Date          Opponent           Site            Teams

9/12           LCJH                     Home         5:00     7th ,8th

9/24           Groves                 Home         5:00      7th ,8th

10/10         Liberty                 Home         5:00      7th ,8th

10/17         West Orange      Home         5:00      7th ,8th

10/24         HF                         Away          5:00       7th ,8th

10/31         HJ                         Away          5:00     7th ,8th 

                     11/7           Silsbee                 Home         5:00        7th ,8th

  • 7th grade games will start at 5:00
  • 8th grade game will follow immediately after.


Coach: Kevin Sensat, Aaron Burke, and Matt Burnett                                  

            Principal: Kim Cox, Assistant: Heidi Strandberg                                          

            Athletic Director: Randy Crouch                                           

            Superintendent: Stacey Brister                                                                       



MMS Basketball 2019-2020

Date                                                    Opponent                                        Site

November 14 (Thursday)              Little Cypress JH                              Away

November 18 (Monday)               West Orange-Stark                        Home

December 5 (Thursday)                 Bridge City                                        Home

December 13-14 (Fri-Sat)             Tournament @PNG

December 12 (Thursday)              Little Cypress JH                              Home

December 16 (Monday)                West Orange-Stark                        Away

January 6 (Monday)                       Bridge City                                        Away

January 16 (Thursday)                   Lumberton                                       Home

January 23 (Thursday)                   Hamshire-Fannett                          Away

January 30 (Thursday)                   Hardin-Jefferson                            Home

February 3 (Monday)                     Silsbee                                               Away

Start Time: 4:30pm                                             Order of Games: 7B, 8B, 7A, 8A

                                                                                   *Home Team wears White jersey.

8th Grade Coach: Aaron Burke                                  7th Grade Coach: Kevin Sensat

Athletic Director: Randy Crouch                               LCM HS Coach: Brad Jeffcoat

Principal: Kim Cox                                                     Asst. Principal: Heidi Strandberg