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You’ll find information for US History and Career Investigations here. 

US History 

This year, we will take a close look at important people, places, and events in our country’s history. I have created a learning environment that brings life to the events that have shaped our nation.  

As you know, this is the year that our students will take the US History STAAR Test. Our plan is to ensure that the core concepts and facts are presented in a way that your student can easily recall the information. We know that everyone learns in a slightly different way, so we have created a diverse atmosphere of learning in my class. 

Career Investigations 

This class will be one of exploration! We will uncover what our interests are and how we can take those and apply them to class choices for high school, direction for degree plans in college, and into career choices after graduation.

The goal of this course is to challenge students to begin thinking about the future in more practical ways. As we begin to see what interests are in the class, we will also invite local professionals to come speak to the students to show them what is available in our own community that could suit them.  


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